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Getting in shape can be a daunting task. But a new product created by a credible source is producing incredible results.

At first glance, chiropractor Tom Eiseman seems like a normal, every day guy. Soft spoken and standing 5'9'' and 180 pounds, he is far from an intimidating presence.

However, there is much more than meets the eye. In fact, Eiseman's credentials seems to read like someone twice his size: For years a competitive powerlifter, he has won five consecutive world titles, been featured in numerous publications - including four times on the cover of Powerlifting USA - and has set multiple world records at the deadlift exercise.

"I always wanted to have muscles," Eiseman said. "I always wanted to have the most advantages and utilize whatever I could to make me great at powerlifting," he said.

One of those advantages - chiropractic care - would eventually become a career for him.

As the proprietor of his own family chiropractic center in Southern New Jersey, Eiseman constantly comes in contact with people from all walks of life in varied states of fitness. When asked for advice on the most effective workout methods, he claimed it was very difficult to suggest a piece of equipment or a particular routine that could serve the needs of every individual, regardless of physique.

Whether it was time restraints, financial concerns, medical issues or simply a fear of entering the intimidating atmosphere of a gym, most patients had seen their past goals at staying in shape go unfulfilled.

"As a chiropractor, I often get asked the question, 'what can I do at home?'" Eiseman said. "I felt there's got to be a way to develop a piece of exercise equipment that can be used by anyone and everyone that incorporates all the core muscles without having to use multiple pieces of equipment and heading out to a gym."

But what one particular exercise can do this? And then it occurred to him: It's the one that he competes at: the deadlift!

Subsequently, Eiseman got involved with developing a piece of equipment based on that exercise and focused mainly on hydraulics - which centers on range of motion and resistance training.

What resulted was the Fast Fitness Station.

The surprisingly simple apparatus mimics the motion of such common exercises as the deadlift, bench press and row - all of which tackle multiple core muscle groups. Moreso, it is without using weights, making it an even better exercise than the one in which Eiseman competes.

And since it does not need weights, efficiency - both with time and effort - becomes key: less setup time, streamlined exercise routines and, with hydraulics, the faster one goes, the more tension - similar to running or swimming.

Best of all, whether you're a world champion deadlifter or just feel dead after lifting, you'll see significant results.

"Everyone can use the machine effectively to the best of their ability," Eiseman said. "And that might be moving slowly, but you're still getting great results. You're toning and shaping your body with Fast Fitness Station more effectively than with any other piece of exercise equipment that I know of. "

"It's a very simple but intelligent design. And it was a product of 30-plus years of exercise that led me in that direction."

Eiseman added that people with injuries and ailments and no prior workout experience can do it because of Fast Fitness Stations broad range of exercise resistance. The pressure generated from the hydraulics ranges from minimal to maximal according to the speed at which you use it, noting that he's witnessed age groups from pre-schoolers through senior citizens use it with ease. It's like having a full weight set, an exercise bike, a rowing machine and a treadmill and being able to use them all at the same time. Therefore, it saves you time, space and money.

Weights don't assist in cardiovascular training and also require correct technique, which means a trainer is necessary for the novice. With the Fast Fitness Station, cardio and strength training are both incorporated and no outside assistance is necessary to ensure the right form.

The best part of resistance training, Eiseman said, is the residual benefits. "When you tone the muscles," he said, "you burn calories 24 hours, seven days a week."

Perhaps the best part of the Fast Fitness Station is the convenience.

"In this fast paced society, people have time constraints," Eiseman said. "Others don't understand and are a little overwhelmed with walking into a gym and having so many choices. This cuts down on the choices."

It also cuts down on time. Performing as little as 60 second bursts of energy on the Fast Fitness Station at four different intervals with two minute rests in between each interval, three days a week, will stimulate almost every muscle in the body. That's just ten minutes of workout time - 30 minutes per week, plus some stretching - to get desired results. All for less than the cost of an annual gym membership.

Just like weights and treadmill have become standards if one plans to create a home gym, Eiseman sees hydraulic equipment such as the Fast Fitness Station becoming the next essential addition because of the efficiency and highly effective nature of hydraulics. It combines resistance training, like weights, with aerobic training, such as using a treadmill, into one.

Whether the goal is weight loss or maintenance... or perhaps even training to break a powerlifting record, a sensible diet and the Fast Fitness Station is the ideal combination to achieve your fitness objective.


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  • "I think anybody would benefit from this machine from beginner to advanced. If you are a beginner and don't like to workout. The Fast Fitness Station is a great machine as it doesn't take alot of time, you can do it fast, and it doesn't take up alot of space in your house."
    Danielle S.